Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bit and Spur Maker

John C. Ennis believes he may have been born a century too late. He says he would have loved to have known real cowboys of that bygone era. But his love of cowboy gear—especially leather and metal work—and his unique talent have made him a much sought-after artisan. And his heroes, he says, have always been cowboys.
I got this photo of John from Persimmon Hill a wonderful magazine that the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum publishes. He has such a great face, I just had to paint him

Morning Commute News

I love to travel on a subway or train because you can get an amount done while you're traveling to your destination. I like to think these ladies are reading W the fashion newspaper instead of the dreary Wall Street Journal that the men are reading across the aisle.

Pet Piglet

Here is a little farm boy whose Father has just given him his first pig to raise. Big responsibility for this little guy but he assures his Dad he can do it.
I love to think up stories about the people I paint because I think I can get more expression in their faces.