Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hay Stack

This is a painting I did on a new support for me. It's called: Ampersand Gessobord (3/4 Inch Deep Cradle). It's a 6x6 inch wooden hardwood box that has gesso on the front surface that is the support for the art work. I bought it out of curosity from a near by art store and selected a small image to paint on it. I like it and would buy another one. The unique part, is that the 3/4 inch sides enable the painting to be free standing if you choose to do so.

Fox Hunters

I love painting horses, dogs and people so here is the ideal subject for me. I tried to capture the action and the excitement of everyone envolved. The Master of the hounds leads the fox hunters with the dogs running back and forth trying to get the scent of a fox. There is something about the bright red jackets that makes for a colorful painting.

8x10 oil on canvas board $175

War Horse

I recently saw the movie War Horse and wanted to do a portarit of the horse from the movie so here is a portrait of two of stars of the film, young Albert and his beloved Joey

6x8 oil on canvas board $100

Pack Mule

With its short thick head, long ears, thin limbs, small narrow hooves, and short mane, a mule makes a wonderful subject to paint on a small canvas. This little guy has his pack saddle on but is taking a break before he is loaded up with his pack bags filled with the load he will carry. An aficionado of the mule claims that they are "more patient, sure-footed, hardy and long-lived than horses, and they are considered less obstinate, faster, and more intelligent than donkeys."

6x8 oil on canvas board $100