Monday, September 20, 2010

Repeating the Same Subject

I love cactus so this was a fun theme to paint over and over. Even though the subject is the same, each one is so different from the another that it made it interesting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Country Farm

Here's a quaint farm scene that appealed to me because of the composition. Lots of repeating triangles that take your eye all around the subject. You go from house to house, to hay bales, back to the family graveyard. When I looked at the painting again, after I had posted it, I thought it looked like it was missing something. Since I love to put people in my paintings I added the farm boy and his dog to give it more life. I like it much better now.
6x8 oil on board.

Red Barn

I had a photo of a red barn at sunset with fresh bales of hay in the foreground. The time of day is late afternoon when the barn in the background was in very low cool light and the hay bales were still in warm sunlight. I think it made for a interesting little 6x8 inch oil painting.

Boy Fishing

This started out to be a landscape painting but then I decided it needed some human interest so I added the dock and the boy fishing. I think, now that I look at it again, his rod is big enough to bring in a swordfish. Oh well, I'll fix it later or maybe I like it that way. There is a fisherman's saying that goes"big bait, big fish" so maybe that holds true for big rods as well.

Canadian Red Bus

When we toured the Canadian Rockies a few years back I was fascinated by these red buses. I had first seen one when I, as a little girl, went through my Grandmothers vacation photos. She and my Grandfather had taken the "Red Bus Tour" while vacationing in the Glacier National park many years ago.
I have since learned that the White Motor Company, between 1936 and 1938, built glacier’s red-with-black trim vehicles. This fleet of Red Buses is considered the oldest intact fleet of passenger carrying vehicles anywhere. These 17 passenger convertible touring sedans are cherished, elegant icons of Glacier National Park. With their multiple doors and rollback canvas tops, the Reds are a sight to see. Here is my 6x8 oil portrait of the "Red Bus".