Sunday, May 20, 2012

Icecream Cone

As summer is underway, more and more of us are enjoying the treat of an icecream cone. Here is one satisfied customer enjoying his cone.

6x8 oil on canvas board $100
I had this cute reference photo that inspired me to paint this. It's of a very small child with very big ambitions.

6x8 oil on canvas board $100

Pulling a Parade Wagon

The Clydesdale is a gentle giant, docile and reliable, with a strength and resistance that still don’t dethrone its beauty. Energetic and sociable, the Clydesdale needs however lots of encouragement to get things going.

The proud head and broad forehead give the Clydesdale a dignified look. The body is slightly short, but the legs are long. The most recognizable feature in the Clydesdale is probably his feathered legs that are a great protection from the harsh Scotland weather.
8x10 oil on board $175