Monday, June 18, 2012

Clydesdale Team

There is something about a team of Clydesdales pulling a carrage that is a thrilling event. You can hear their hoofs clopping on the street, signaling their approach, that draws your attention to look their way. These handsome horses are frequently seen in large teams pulling brightly colored beer wagons showing their flashing hoof-action and coordinated strides. The characteristics which distinguish the Clydesdale are its long, fine leg feather, smooth body and light coloring. It appears in bay, brown, chestnut and roan; the color is accentuated by splashes of white which appear particularly on the face and lower legs. The face is broad and straight, and the neck is long and arched. Clydesdales generally stand 16 to 17 hands, and weigh 1700 to 1900 pounds. Although not the largest draft horse, the Clydesdale rivals other breeds in its distinguished appearance and action which is combined with an excellent ability to haul heavy loads.
I've tried to capture this in my 8x10 inch oil on board painting.
Price: $400 contact

Saturday, June 2, 2012

House Painter

I wanted this painting to be a study in grays so I only put in a bit of color in the end to add some interest.
6x8 oil on canvas board $150