Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fox Hunting

I have painted several fox hunting scenes but, as I line them up to analyze them, I noticed that all were painted in warm values. I wanted to challenge myself to see what it would be like to paint the scene in all cool values. It's pleasing. I like it. Tally Ho !

6x8 oil on canvas board $100

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fox Hunt Dogs at Work

The Hunting Dogs categorised as Scent Hounds specialise in following the scent or the smell of its quarry. It was not necessary for Scent Hounds to be as fast and agile as Sighthounds - they do not need to keep their quarry in sight. Scent hounds as Hunting Dogs are built for endurance. They can follow a scent for long distances and even across running water. Scent Hounds have distinctive characteristics, features and traits which are perfect for their purpose as Hunting Dogs. They have large noses which have deep, open nostrils and their lips are loose and moist, designed to pick up scent particles and follow the trail of an animal. Their ears are long which concentrates the scent on the nose. Their bodies are designed for endurance, an essential asset when following any scent trail - a major asset for one of the Hunting Dogs.

6x8 oil on canvas board. $100

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Start of the Hunt

This is the part of fox hunting that catches my artist eye. The gorgeous horses, the eager and very active dogs and the handsome and traditional outfits of the hunters.

6x8 oil on canvas $100

The Whipper-in

The Whipper-in are the huntsman's right-hand man. Some hunts have more than one, they may be a professional or an amateur (not paid wages). Their job is to aid the huntsman, while hunting hounds, by keeping the pack together, collecting stray and straggling hounds, helping to sight the fox and keeping followers away from the hounds.

6x8 oil on canvas board $100

The Blessing of the Hounds

Few sports are as steeped in tradition as Fox Hunting. And few of Fox Hunting's traditions are as revered as the Blessing of the Hounds.
According to lore, the Blessing of the Hounds dates back to the seventh or eighth century, when Saint Hubert [Hubert of Liege (656-727)] apparently a bit of a rascal, and devoted hunter, had a spiritual awakening on the morning of a hunt. As a result of this experience, he dedicated his life to God and the Church and the Blessing of the Hounds became part of the tradition of the Hunt.

8x10 oil on canvas board $175